Always Counting Down

I have been to Walt Disney World 9 times.  This August will be my 10th.  While I currently have a count down on my iPhone to our arrival date, I also have another count down in the back of my mind.  Our next trip is planned for November of 2013. 

I was very lucky that my parents took me to Disney as a child.  In fact during one of my more recent trips while watching some families trying to maneuver with children in various stages of energy levels, hunger and heat I called to thank my parents for taking on that brave endeavor not only once, but twice!

The memories of those trips inspired more trips.  As a senior in high school I was ecstatic to learn our senior class trip would be to Disney World.  This was then followed up with a trip several years later while in college with my family once again. 

And then I thought my Disney trips were over.  After graduating college there were two great hurtles.  The cost being the first.  There is no denying Disney is expensive. 

The second was my DH.  He did not like amusement parks.  He hated roller coasters.  No amount of coaxing, pleading or begging convinced him that it was worth it spend any of our hard earned cash on Disney. 

I despaired of ever visiting the House of the Mouse again.  This couldn’t stand!  And then there was a glimmer of light.  Our family planned a reunion in Florida, only a hour from the parks.  I sweetly informed my husband that if we were going to be that close, I was going.  Being the wonderful sport he was, he agreed, though clearly not expecting to enjoy a bit of it. 

But there is something about that Disney magic!  Even in the blistering heat of July,  over one of the highest crowd level weeks in the summer there is something to be said for faith, hope and pixie dust.  As we left the Magic Kingdom that night after the final fireworks, slowly strolling with the crowd towards the exit at park closed he turned to me and said, “So, we’re coming back tomorrow open to close, right?”

And now, ever since that fateful day we are always counting down.  It may not be every year (though we’ve been extremely fortunate and managed a few years to even go twice!), but there is always a count down to the next trip.  The thought is always there.  The planning is always there.  No matter how many times we visit our favorite Mouse, or hear those wonderful words “Welcome home,” as we check in may there always be another count down yet to come!


About stitchva

Huge Disney fan living in SWVA, wishing she were closer to Disney!
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