Disney Dining

When I first started visiting Disney food was not a priority for me. The only thing that mattered were Mickey Bars and the Orange Bird (who has recently returned to Walt Disney World!). Now granted I was only seven. Even so as I got older and returned to the parks I never expected much of the food. The only sit down place I recall trying as a teenager was the San Angel Inn, and other than the ambiance and the fact I tried calamari there for the first time, I don’t recall much.

On the first trip with the DH again I didn’t expect much of the food. I hesitate to even write this, but in my mind though it was Disney it was still “just” an amusement park when it came to food (gasp!). I expected overpriced fast food, and to be fair we stuck to the counter/quick service restaurants, but even so we were pleasantly surprised at what we encountered.

Our first day a blissfully cool breeze drew us into Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe for lunch at the beginning of July. We were completely impressed with the options, portions and taste of this counter service restaurant.  One platter would have easily filled us both, and we’d gotten two!

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe was another stop on that trip, as well as Sunshine Seasons. Both places impressed us. My husband loved (and makes us return each visit) Pecos Bill’s fixin’s bar, and I adored Sunshine Seasons vegetables options (so much I was disappointed not to have the carrots available during on next visit).

So, our trips began being impressed by the quick service meals. There were healthier options than I expected, and tastier considering this was a place trying to make food to serve the masses. But then, we booked our next trip and heard the Dining Plan was free! This sent me in a scurry of investigations. If you’ve been clicking on the links above you’ve been taken to either AllEars.net, or The Disney Food Blog. The later is, in my humble opinion, the most dangerous Disney site I’ve ever encountered. I mean what else can be said about a site that introduced me to The Cupcake Crawl? It also made me realize that I’ve been missing out on things like Dole Whips, Waffle Sandwiches, and Tonga Toast.

My husband and I spend a great deal of time discussing the attractions we want to experience, and the characters we hope to meet, but now thanks to these pages and the Disney Dining Plan we spend almost as much time talking about the food. It may have taken us awhile to catch on, but now we agree, the food is as much a part of the experience as the rest of the trip!


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Huge Disney fan living in SWVA, wishing she were closer to Disney!
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