Disney with Teens

This year we are considering taking our teenaged nieces for a day to Disney. This will be a new experience for us. I got to speak to them this weekend and laid out my rules for Disney.

  1. Sensible shoes are required. No flip flops, no heels.
  2. Water bottles will be carried and used at all times!
  3. Sun block will be worn.
  4. No whining (I told them that applied to the adults as well).
  5. Cell phones will be charged, and carried at all times.

I also told them what time we’d be leaving to head to the parks, and that they will be in the car at that time, or will not come. I let them know there will be times when they will be allowed to go off on their own (together), and meet back up with us at a later time. I gave them consequences if they are late (more than a half hour late — I know how the lines will be!). I explained that we will be at the parks from open to close, so if they start feeling hot, tired and cranky that means it’s time to head into one of the nice, air-conditioned restaurants for a break. I let them know this all goes for the adults as well. We’ve had to take breaks to stop the Disney overstimulation cranky mode.

I also asked them each to pick out two things they wanted us to do as a group. I already know one wants to try out for the American Idol Experience, so that’s going to dictate where we start our morning. We’ll see what else they come up with.

We’ll also see how roller coasters go. My DH is not fond of roller coasters. He bravely conquered the Mountains in Magic Kingdom (Big Thunder, Splash and Space) our last Disney Trip, but was not fond of Space. One niece seems to really like roller coasters, but doesn’t like doing things alone. The other niece doesn’t like roller coasters. I am in the middle. If the person I’m with doesn’t want to do the coaster, I usually happily skip it, but there is a part of me that wants to do them at least once. This may be my chance to finally ride Expedition Everest, and the Rocking Roller Coaster without making someone wait for me, as DH and other niece could go ride things together while we brave the coasters! We’ll see!


About stitchva

Huge Disney fan living in SWVA, wishing she were closer to Disney!
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