We will be returning to Disney this Fall!  We’ve already made our dining reservations (then changed them, and then changed them again!), and we have the clock ticking down until the day we can make our Fast Pass selections!  Yes, I know it’s officially Fastpass+ now, but just like Hollywood Studios is still MGM to me, Fastpass+ is Fastpass.

For some insane reason we decided to up the Free Dining offer to the Deluxe Dining Plan.  We haven’t even gone yet, and I don’t recommend this!  Three dining credits a day, plus two snacks – appetizer AND dessert with each meal?  This is not for the faint of heart!  (And yes my exercise regime starts today!)

Part of the reason for going for this level of Dining is for the opportunity to experience some of the 2 credit options we probably wouldn’t do if we thought of it “coming out of pocket.”  Yes, I know this is a mental thing more than anything, but that’s part of why we like the Dining Plan — the idea that it’s all paid for upfront.  Is this cost effective?  I honestly don’t know, and while I may work it out some day — it won’t be today!

Here is the current plan – though it is subject to change.  We will be trying the following two credit options:

and we’ll be returning for a second try at Le Cellier.  I loved it.  Husband only liked it, so I’m hoping to change his opinion with a second try!

Also new on the list to try:

And of course we must return to some old favorites:

And for a few days while we’ll be there the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival will be happening!!  So now you know why it’s #eatallthethings!  All this delicious food!  Why did I say the plan might be changing?  Well when we started we had a reservation at Cindy’s, and let it go.  Learn from my mistake and don’t do that!  Right now the only thing we can find for that is 10:45 pm!  So, I’m hoping to get Cindy’s back on the list, but the chances are getting slim.  When we started our reservations we had plenty of options for Cindy’s and we were doing them online.  But now several weeks past the date we could start making the reservations, not so much.

We’ll be using several of our snack credits for the Food and Wine Festival.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to start making a list of all the snacks I want to try!






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Huge Disney fan living in SWVA, wishing she were closer to Disney!
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